Here, we congratulate our members' cats who have achieved titles and Best In Show wins.

To be included please mail a photo of your cat along with their details and their new FIFe title.  If BIS win, include the name of the show.

GCCF Supreme UK, Olympian Bronze, Imperial Grand Premier and FIFe Premier PowerKatz Lucy Lou

Female Neuter Maine Coon
Owner – Mrs Fiona Brownsmith
Breeder – Mrs Margaret Wright
BIS Female Neuter CAT II GOE March 2014

TICA GRC & GCCF CH Frederico Sky Beyrouth *cz

Male Maine Coon
Breeder - Youssef Khaled
Owner  - Louise Davie
BIS Male CAT II SCA August 2014 show


Male Neuter Housecat

Owner – Steven Robertson & Stuart Richardson

Best Housecat SCA  August & Feb/March shows.
DSM title gained & Platinum Winner

FIFe Champion, TICA RW SGC Southlynn Ripple in Reality

Male Bengal
Breeder - Priscilla South
Owner - Linda Dunion
BIS Male & BIS Adult Category III August 2014 Show
BIS Male, BIS Adult Category III 16th August 2015 Show
Supernova Make Mine Mink

Bengal Kitten
Breeder/Owner - Linda Dunion
BIS 4-6 Kitten Cat III SCA 1st March 2015 Show
BIS 7-10 Kitten SCA 16th August 2015 Show
Aalin of Hubblebub & Ealish of Hubblebub

These girls were purchased from a farm on the Isle of Man to deepen the gene pool of the Manx breed, so it is with pride that we announce they were both deemed of sufficient quality and type by the judges present at the SCA  August show as Manx cats for breeding and showing purposes.  Welcome to FIFe, ladies!
Tallica Supernova Cinnamon

Male Neuter Tonkinese
Breeder - Hazel
Owner - Linda Dunion
Best Unrecognised Breed 16th August 2015 Show
FIFe Champion Hypnotic'bengal Jarley Davidson

Male Bengal
Breeder - Virginie Anduvar
Owner - Linda Dunion
BIS Male Category III 15th August 2015 Show