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Some useful notes;

  • Once a breeding queen is registered with FIFe, all of her progeny must be registered with FIFe before anywhere else.  This is to ensure that FIFe breeding and registration rules are being followed and females are not being over bred.

  • You DO NOT need to register all of your cats with FIFe, only those you intend to show to/beyond the title of Champion/Premier or those whom you wish to become FIFe registered breeding cats.

  • All kittens registered with FIFe are issued with an Official 4 generation pedigree.  This is included in the registration fee, which is currently £7.50 per kitten with a £5 fee per litter.

  • You must be a Full Member of at least one Felis Britannica club.  This is for the purposes of registrations, title validations & determining voting rights at the AGA.  You can be an associate of any/all other clubs.
Registrations & Validations to;

Lona Johnson
Account Name  The Scottish Cat Association

Sort  87 79 05

Account  70892962